Hobby or Business?


I would love to use my various hobbies as a way to earn a little bit of pocket money, and lets face it who wouldn’t? It can be a scarey prospect though and currently i am only offering to friends and colleagues. I have been considering for ages to do a craft fair or hire shelving in a shop.

Whats the point in keep talking about it and putting it off? so as a starting point i have set myself some targets.

  1. Set up a business page on Facebook and post pictures of everything i have made and got stored in my craft room.
  2. Investigate hiring shelving for the upcoming Christmas trade.

and thats it so far.

Lets finish 2016 with a bang and start 2017 with a positive move closer to my dream.


About JillybeanDays

Curious crafter, always on the look out for something new to learn. Now, slightly passed middle age and working part time. A decision made so i can spend more time with my various crafts, my family and 2 black labs, Jack and Pearl.

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