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Entrelac Blankie – My Fibonacci Rainbow


A friend at work told there was going to be a new arrival, and yes we are talking babies. I was really excited and just had to get my knitting needles out. Nothing quite inspires you to start creating than a special occasion and I must admit I’m really pleased with the result.

I have never tried entrelac before but I found it very rewarding and the results are great. Also I have learnt to reverse crochet, something I didn’t even know existed. Needless to say I am feeling very pleased with myself 🙂 and glad of the challenge in learning new things.

I have to admit to being a bit of a Maths Geek and I followed Fibonacci’s sequence and used the colours of the spectrum to create the design. For the ones who are likely to tell me that white is not a part of the spectrum, I know, but I wanted to use it to break up the colours a bit.



Bake Off


Forgot to mention there was a school bake-off competition the other week and though I do cook at home I wouldn’t dream of making non-family eat my efforts. So I had the idea to knit and crochet cakes and advertise them as calorie free cupcakes and diet donuts. I entered only for fun but thought i might have a chance at the ‘Most Original’  prize. No such luck I’m afraid. Even though I had lots of compliments……. I think I failed the taste test 😦Image

Craft Club


I run a small craft club after school and the other week we made Easter baskets with a super free printable and tutorial from Just the right size for those mini eggs. As you can see i added

a little paper daisy to the handle. It wouldn’t have gone so smoothly without the support I get from Pauline and Carol who help with the tricky bits and tidy up after everyone. Its definitely good to have friends!IMAG0249